“For the first time I meet a guy, I feel stiff”

I’m already 22, but only now relations have appeared. I would like to get closer to the guy, I’m waiting for him to kiss me.

Când plăcerea lui a atins nivelul critic și băiatul. Hmm, „Începe să se termine” – nu există timp să stai. Viteza mișcărilor tale! Bărbații tind să încetinească în timpul orgasmului, să înoate în valurile de băut kamagra 100 Dar dacă continuați să stimulați la un sfârșit victorios, bucurați -vă de fiecare al doilea punct culminant.

But as soon as it comes to business, I start panic, I can’t relax. I constantly think that I don’t understand what to do. Obviously, this is noticeable because the guy asked if I met someone before him. When she said that no, he reacted very sensitively, assured that everything was in order. But I am very afraid that he just did not want to upset me, perhaps over time he will be tired of my stiffness. Please tell me what to do in this situation?

Over time, you probably get tired of your stiffness with a person who you will learn better, to whom you will get used to.

Now there is a very strong pressure on the part of all means of information, because of which a normal person, especially the debutant on the stage of relations, feels uncertainly. As if completely naturally, everyone should show some incredible miracles in sex even when sexual life is just beginning. As if it should not come with experience. The very lack of such experience is all the time evaluated negatively, subjected to mockery or evil jokes. From this, many people feel squeezed and even, as you write, are panic.

You should not know and be able to know anything special, the lack of experience is only the lack of experience, just allow yourself to have it. You see, what was once considered the absolute norm-innocence, stiffness on the first dates-now it seems to require approval, they say, everything is fine.

Do not take on any special obligations, listen to your desires, move with the speed that is comfortable for you. And now, with this partner, and then. Not to be able – this is normal, enjoy how you live and enter your experience.

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