I never had sex with the girl, we just talked about having sex

I never had sex with the girl, we just talked about having sex

Dang well i learned my lesson the hard way so should i still keep the NC going ? Its only a matter of time before i get surved thedivorce papers. I just dont get how 2 weeks ago we were play fighting and tickling each other at her job to her suddenly saying we should stop seeing each other because i dont want to hurt the other guy(even though she isnt dating him) but i did stop talking to her 2 days before the tickling and seeing each other. Thanks Ryan for replying means alot !

Well, just as how things may progress on your end with her, there will also be things that probably happened on her end with the other guy that probably made her think a little more to make that decision. Keep NC going on if you’re looking to win her back eventually, but it becomes too difficult and emotionally painful, the easier way would be to let go of things.

I cheated on my gf of 1 year because of lack of attention, and a second time because obsession with moving to another state that I wasn’t ready to move to. My ex girlfriend says she doesn’t want to get back together but her actions show different. What should I do?

I’m looking to forgive someone who cheated on me by technicality by the end of our relationship

You could try making an attempt to make things up to her, and see if she forgives you over time.

I’m interested in knowing more about why the cheater shouldn’t speak with the one they cheated with and how or if I should ask/demand it.

It could be a variety of reasons, but often its because of guilt that the other party won’t speak to the person Guatemalan kvinnor they cheated on. This would be different for everyone, but personally, I’m not in favor of going back voluntarily into a cheating relationship unless the other person attempts to make up for their actions first because this advocates the wrong mindset, and they end up thinking that their actions were acceptable since you ended up going back to them and forgiving them without them even trying. Continue reading