This is why online dating is a minefield (for a guy in his mid thirties)

This is why online dating is a minefield (for a guy in his mid thirties)

Reality is not like that and to be honest reality shows like Love Island and like you say Influencer lifestyle has played into that for them to make it look possibly

Girls under 30 tend to want the boujie influencer life. The aesthetic is there, insta in profile, exotic locations, tall buildings at night with a glass of champagne in their hand. OK love but who’s gonna bankroll that?

Girls 35-45 tend to be a bit more mature, their kids may be older, that’s great, I don’t want to adopt anyone’s babies.

They’ve lived life they’ve experienced things they don’t want it all on a silver platter. As sorry (and this might not go down well on a student forum but it’s TRUE.

Tinder is a no

Just the thing is with online dating these still attractive (sorry but there has to be an element of physical attraction) older women aren’t there. Or I’m looking in the wrong places.

I kind of relate, from a hetero female perception though. I tried OKcupid at some point and experienced quite similar things . from the other side of the coin tho

Apps/Online dating are literally the worst place for a guy to look, you’ve summed it up pretty well from a guy’s perspective I found the exact same thing.

So many female profiles on Tinder, etc done in a fancy hotel like room, stately home room or like you say the tall building nightly backdrop with a glass of champagne in her hand or a Chanel bag (or knock off version) on her. Continue reading