9. You Always Need to Foot the Bill

9. You Always Need to Foot the Bill

Controlling behaviors usually start innocent enough but build up over time as you increasingly give your significant other more power in the relationship.

5. She’s Physically Abusive

Men are usually stereotyped as the ones who are likely to be physically abusive in a relationship, but women can also be aggressive with their partners.

In fact, many men find it hard to find someone to talk to about relationship abuse by women. If your partner is physically abusive in any way, this is a significant relationship red flag, and you should address it immediately.

6. She Gaslights You

It can take many forms, such as refusing to accept your point of view or making you doubt your memories.

She may say things like “you’re crazy” or “you must be imagining things,” which can make you feel you’re losing control of your relationship. Continue reading