Gaydar USED to be a great site now it is dangerous

Gaydar USED to be a great site now it is dangerous


Gaydar USED to be a great site, then they changed everything and now it is rubbish. The site is now full of Russians, e-mail address collectors and Scammers. Just not worth using anymore, and certainly not worth paying for.

is not great any more.

used to be a terrific site. Since then it’s become over-complicated, difficult to use and seems endlessly to be experiencing software problems. Frankly, it’s a bit of a mess these days. Pity; it used to be the go-to site for online gay dating. WARNING: Try it for the shortest available subscription period before committing. When you discover the site’s shortcomings and politely ask to be reimbursed and released from a longer deal, they turn out to be less helpful than your average mobile phone provider. Knowing what I now know about I wouldn’t have dreamed of subscribing.


Totally disagree with most other reviews. is a reliable and legit dating site. Continue reading