3. He will find reasons to text you

3. He will find reasons to text you

When confirming whether the guy likes you, confirming who texts first is vital. A guy who genuinely likes you won’t wait for your text before the conversation begins.

If he has feelings for you, he will most likely not worry about whether you will text first or not. Instead, he will not hesitate to text you first to get into a conversation with you.

2. He responds quickly to text

If a guy texts you back quickly, there is a high chance that he is interested in you and won’t like to keep you waiting. His responding speed can tell you he doesn’t want to give you a chance to doubt him.

Therefore, he may ensure he replies to you as soon as possible. Besides, it’s the early stage of a possible yet-to-be-formed relationship, so he would want to give you a good impression.

It’s normal to hold back from texting too much when a guy is getting to know you. However, a man with eyes for you will look for any reason to text you. Continue reading