Interview: Skip – 2024’s Newest Dating App

Interview: Skip – 2024’s Newest Dating App

Global Dating Insights spoke with the platform’s founder to find out more about what makes the platform unique and what we can expect from Skip moving forward

Skip is looking to refresh the online dating space with a unique proposition – making new connections in a seamless way…but without chatting. The idea came to Skip’s Founder, Scott Avy, while he was working at Indeed, Inc.

We dove deep into finding out the main problems people have with dating apps today and it came down to the following:

  • Dating safety (46% of people view online dating as unsafe.)
  • 1 out of 3 people get ghosted
  • Time it takes to get a date (4 Days)
  • The # of first dates that lead to a second date (5% success rate)
  • AI’s recent advancements makes it so you don’t know if you are talking to an AI bot or a human

Our solution was to automate the screening, scheduling, & communications for our users which led us to a totally unique app with no chat whatsoever. Continue reading