Lane Moore’s Love for Tinder and Pot Has Led To This

Lane Moore’s Love for Tinder and Pot Has Led To This

Dating apps have a love/hate relationship with much of the public. Tinder, one of the OG smartphone dating apps, remains heavily used, generating hefty frustration among much of its user baseedian, writer, actor, and musician Lane Moore has been there for much of the ride, often guided by an interactive audience.

Moore is the New York City-based creator and host of Tinder Live with Lane Moore, a where she, guest comedians, and the audience swipe right and converse with some of Tinder’s less desirable male profiles. The series has earned scores of praise for its ability to keep audiences laughing by poking fun, taking occasional shots at assholes, and showing that not everyone is as terrible as their Tinder profile may suggest.

After years of not agreeing with the comedian, Moore recently found a way to successfully integrate pot into her life. In doing so, she’s found physical and mental relief, helping spark creativity and other positive outcomes. The comedian’s next plan is to bring her fondness for the plant to the show for the first time with a Tinder Live 420 edition.

Lane Moore and the Exploration of Human Connection

Lane Moore has been a fixture in media and entertainment for over a decadeing up in the New York City comedy scene, early roles included writing for The Onion. In 2014, she launched Tinder Live with Lane Moore.Soon thereafter, her music began picking up momentum, highlighted by the 2015 breakthrough of the band It Was Romance, with Moore writing, singing, and playing several instruments.

She then became the sex and relationships editor at Cosmopolitan. Continue reading